mTrak vehicle tracking system | Alarm Input Text
The mTrak Plus unit can send a text to one or two numbers when the external alarm input is activated. Wire no. 3 on the mTrak plus is the alarm input.
To programme the unit, send it text saying:-
alarminput 07123456789,07987654321,1o
The first two numbers are the phone numbers to text to, and the last number is the number of texts if the external alarm is still active.
The 'o' is an instruction for the unit to go online as well when a disconnected battery is detected, which will generate an email.
If texts to only one number are needed, leave the space for it blank, like this:-
alarminput 07123456789,,
If external alarm alerts are no longer required, leave all the numbers blank, like this:-
The alerts can be tested by getting the vehicle alarm to activate. The sounder is does not need to be working.
The alert is normally triggered by a voltage above 6 V on the alarm input wire. Many vehicle alarms connect an output to ground when the alarm sounds. If that is the case, to wire the device to the mTrak Plus, you need to do the following:-
  • Make sure that the voltage on wire no. 3 is well above 6 V when the alarm is not sounding.
    If needed, add a 1 kohm resistor between the permanent supply and the alarm input.
  • Put an "n" after the second comma, like this:-
alarminput 07123456789,07987654321,n1o
Units made since 2011, which can be recognised by the fact that the case is widens at the end furthest from the connector, will not usually need a resistor.

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